In February, the price of used residential properties continued to rise


Despite the supply market, the price of used residential properties continued to rise in February in an annual comparison, told MTI on Monday.

The announcement quoted László Balogh, the leading economic expert of the real estate advertising portal, who said that the national housing price index showed an annual increase of 2.6 percent in February, and the price increase was 1.5 percent monthly. Based on the development of demand and prices, it can be seen that the real estate market has moved out of last year’s deadlock. In Budapest, like the national price index, the rate of annual price increase was 2.6 percent.

Since the first months of the year are usually characterized by an increase in real estate prices, according to the specialist, it is a big question whether the momentum will last in the remaining months of 2024.

László Balogh noted that a slow and slight price increase is expected in the housing market this year, and a 20-25 percent increase in traffic is expected, which could mean 125-130 thousand sales in 2024.

According to data, in the first week of March, the average price per square meter of second-hand apartments in Budapest reached HUF 922,000. The V. district is the most expensive with HUF 1.57 million per square meter, the second is the I., and the third is the II. district with HUF 1.37 and HUF 1.27 million respectively. The cheapest is the XXI. district, where the average price per square meter is HUF 695,000, followed by XX. and XXIII. district with HUF 696 thousand and HUF 720 thousand.

Debrecen, Veszprém and Győr continue to lead the county seat market, with an average price per square meter of HUF 785,000, 766,000 and 750,000 respectively. At the other end of the list are Salgótarján, Miskolc and Békéscsaba, where at the beginning of March the owners offered used apartments for HUF 277,000 to 425,000 per square meter – reads a statement from


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