The average gross salary in Hungary was HUF 605,100 in January


In January, the gross average earnings of those employed full-time was HUF 605,100 (approx. 1617.93 EUR), and the net average earnings calculated with allowances in mind was HUF 416,600 (approx. 1113.91 EUR). The gross average salary increased by 14.6%, the net average salary by 14.5%, and the real salary by 10.4% compared to the previous year, in addition to a 3.8% increase in consumer prices, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported on Thursday.

The median value of gross earnings reached HUF 493,700 (approx. 1320.06 EUR), and the median value of net earnings reached HUF 341,700 (approx. 913.64 EUR), which is 16.9 and 16.0 percent higher than last January, respectively.

In January, the net average salary without discounts was HUF 402,400 (approx. 1075.94 EUR), 14.6 percent higher than in January 2023.

According to the KSH report, the regular gross average earnings (without premiums, bonuses, and one-month special benefits) can be estimated at HUF 578,300 (approx. 1546.27 EUR), which is 15.0 percent higher than in the same period of the previous year. The regular gross average earnings in enterprises amounted to HUF 576,700 (approx. 1541.99 EUR), in the budget sector to HUF 576,200 (approx. 1540.65 EUR), and in the non-profit sector to HUF 599,400 (approx. 1602.69 EUR), rising by 14.1, 17.6, and 16.7 percent, respectively, in one year.


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