The investment supporting the safe drinking water supply of Debrecen and its surroundings will be completed soon

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The safety of the drinking water supply in Debrecen and its surroundings is further increased by the modernization of the transmission lines connecting the surface drinking water treatment plant in Balmazújváros of the Keleti main channel with water plant No. 1 in Debrecen; the investment, which is 90 percent completed, will be realized with 17 billion forints of non-refundable European Union and domestic funds.

Rea Kányási, acting CEO of Tiszamenti Regionalís Vízművek (TRV) Zrt., which is implementing the project in a consortium with the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, said that the investment will significantly contribute to the safe drinking water supply and quality of drinking water in Debrecen and its surroundings, as well as to the protection of the underground water base.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), the mayor of Debrecen, indicated that, due to the strong urban and economic development, a significant amount of drinking water will be needed in the city. For example, he mentioned that in the eastern part of the city, residential developments are planned on 1,200 hectares, for which an 18-kilometer drinking water network and a 31-kilometer sewage network will be built. TRV’s 17 billion investment will raise the security of supply to a higher level, added the mayor.

The specialists reported that with the investment, the high-quality drinking water from the surface treatment plant in Balmazújváros will reach the waterworks in Debrecen through two new, parallel, 16-kilometer-long and 600-millimeter-diameter transmission lines, in addition to the existing two pipelines.

These transmission lines provide nearly a third of Debrecen’s drinking water needs and the drinking water supply of Nagyhát and Nagymacs.


Photo: Facebook / László Papp 

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