The sports hall of the University of Debrecen on Böszörményi Street got a new sports cover


The János Gymnasium in Kecskemét underwent a facelift: the sports hall of the University of Debrecen on Böszörményi út got a new covering, its lighting was painted and fixed. The renovation of one of the priority training centers of the summer EUG was realized with its own funds.

At the handover of the renovated hall, László Balogh, director of the Sports Sciences Coordination Institute (DESKI) of the University of Debrecen, said: that the building was built in 1989, so it is natural that some areas of it are worn out over the years and need to be maintained.

No problems related to the structure arose, but the floor had to be replaced a quarter of the time in the last 35 years. We dismantled the previous covering, and the layer below had to be completely renewed. The sports floor was placed on the flexible layer above the concrete, so it could provide the same flexible structure as, say, DESOK. We thought about whether to choose a floor or a plastic covering and in the end, we decided on the latter because of the professional comments. Regarding the marking, we also wanted it to be suitable for the same sports as before, i.e. handball, futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and floorball. In addition to those completing compulsory university sports subjects, students in the sports science training area and DEAC also use the hall, so it is heavily loaded, but we are confident that the freshly laid floor will last at least eight to ten years. In addition to the new covering, the hall was also painted, and the lighting was also completely renovated. All of this is also important from the point of view of the 2024 European University Games, as the János Tornacsarnok in Kecskemét will be one of the prominent training centers. The reconstruction was carried out with its funds and cost HUF 40 million

– reported the director of DESKI.

Zoltán Bács, chancellor of the University of Debrecen, also took part in the presentation. He revived the fact that the hall was inaugurated in 1989 when he was still a student at Agrár.

– We were very happy when we were able to take possession of the facility 35 years ago, but like everything, it was used over time, especially the floor, so it was timely to replace it. If we have the opportunity, we continuously develop it, either with grant money or with our resources, because we find that there is a demand for each sports surface. However, development requires plans, because whoever does not have a plan does not have an application or other development. We have plenty of plans for many segments of the entire university, including sports. Further innovations are also expected at the Böszörményi út campus, at the moment we are waiting for the handover of the new grass pitch invested by DEAC from a TAO tender. It is worth highlighting that according to the plans, what we have been planning for 15 years can be realized within the foreseeable future, that is, the János Balásházy Technical College, High School and College will also get the long-awaited gymnasium

– explained Zoltán Bács.

The two leaders also tested the new track: László Balogh drove down and Zoltán Bács bombed into the goal, then they were happy to state that the main test went well, the game can continue and hopefully the victories will come.


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