The students from Debrecen achieved second place in the final of the Engineers’ League 2024


The finals of the 11th Unilever Engineers League competition were held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen on Wednesday. 10 teams of three people from several technical higher education institutions in the country came to the competition, and the participants had to solve a complex technical problem. A team from the University of Debrecen finished in 2nd place.

In addition to students from the host Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen, students from the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the University of Miskolc took part in the English-language competition.

The contestants had to plan how to quickly and efficiently refit the machines in the factory of Unilever company which produces cleaning products, washing gels and fabric softeners in Nyírbátor.

The contestants presented their ideas to a jury of university experts and factory employees in presentations of a maximum of 15 minutes and containing a maximum of 20 slides.

The organizers helped with the preparation with detailed technical descriptions, presentations and the possibility of video consultation with the engineers working there. At the end of March, the competitors were allowed to visit the factory, where they could see the machine line in question in action.

During the presentations held in the finals, not only the technological solutions but also the expected costs, quality, profit and safety had to be discussed.

According to the deputy academic dean of the Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen, professional events that allow students to deal with real industrial problems are important.

At the closing event of the League of Engineers, the contestants got to know the work of students from other institutions and received feedback on their results. Based on the experiences gained here, they can place their preparation at the national and faculty level

– said Imre Kocsis.

He added: that working on projects is the most effective means of learning, they have an important role in technical training. When the tasks come from industry actors, the modernity and topicality of the topic are ensured.

– The Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen has long maintained a good relationship with Unilever’s household chemical factory in Nyírbátor. The company has been supporting the faculty’s bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering as a dual partner for seven years now, and many students also complete their internships at the plant. Among the company’s managers, many professionals graduated from the University of Debrecen – emphasized Tamás Mankovits, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen.

The team of the University of Debrecen, composed of Samer Anka, Ahmed Abdelbaky, and Mazen Amer, started out as MAS Engineers and ended the League of Engineers in 2nd place. The members of the teams that finished in the first three places of the competition received valuable technical equipment and were invited to the internship program of the British-Dutch company.

Final result of the competition: 1st place: PVB / Budapest University of Technology and Economics; 2nd place: MAS Engineers / University of Debrecen; 3rd place: The Supply Wars / University of Miskolc. Special prize: PNeumatics / University of Pannonia.


Photos: Facebook page of the Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen

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